We are ‘Evangelical’ and we consist of people from different nations who worship God and live through Biblical norms & values. 
We want to be like Christ, serve each other through gifts and talents and share the Gospel in a contemporary way.

We believe that...

  •     That people from the community needs God’s love to be able to
        have a full meaning in their lives.
  •     it's more then just a Sunday morning event.
  •     we are not better than others.  We want to serve others.
  •     it's a place for spiritual as well as practical growth.
  •     faith and works (James 2:26) has to be combined.

Therefore, we follow our Vision:



“To glorify God by being part of His mission to reach the society by being an inspirational training ground to develop the next generation
of Christians from all different nations, regardless of where they are at in their spiritual life, being filled with love, truth and respect through a
personal and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.”


Daily Word